Command          38

28)   When officers are valiant and the troops are
     ineffective, the army is in distress.

29)   When senior officers are angry and insubordinate
     and upon encountering the enemy rush into battle
     with no understanding of the feasibility of engaging
     and without awaiting orders; the army is in a
     state of collapse.

30)   There are five qualities that are dangerous in the
      character of a general:

31)   An overly valiant general will be certain to enter an
     engagement recklessly; he will not appreciate
     what is advantageous.

32)   One who esteems life above all else will be
     overcome with hesitancy. Hesitancy in a general
     is a great calamity.

33)   One easily angered is irascible, obstinate and hasty.
     He does not consider difficulties and therefore can
     be brought to his death.  


                                   Command          39

34)   If he has too delicate a sense of honor, you can
     slander him. One anxious to defend his reputation
     pays no regard to anything else.

35)   He who is overly humanitarian and compassionate,
     fearing only casualties, cannot give up temporary
     advantage for a long term gain. He is unable to let
     go of one thing in order to seize another. These five
     shortcomings should be deeply pondered.

36)   Good commanders are both loved and feared.