Overview           2

9)     To subdue the enemy without fighting is the
    finest hope and the greatest skill.

10)   Thus, what is of supreme importance in war
    is to attack the enemy's strategy.

11)   He who knows when to fight and when not to
    fight will be victorious.

12)   He whose ranks are united in purpose will
    be victorious.

13)   He who is prepared beforehand for any
    contingency through the sue of expediency
    and flexibility will be victorious.

14)   Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility
    of victory in the offense.

15)   In battle use the normal force to engage; use
    the extraordinary to win.

16)   Thus the momentum of one skilled in war is
    overwhelming and the attack precisely regulated.

                             Overview          3

17)   The nature of the ground is the fundamental
    factor in aiding the army to set up its victory.

18)   Ground may be classified as dispersive,
    frontier, key, communicating, focal, serious,
    difficult, encircled and death ground.

19)   There are some roads not to follow; some
    troops not to strike; some cities not to assault
    and some ground which should not be

20)   The protection of metal walls is not as
    important as stores of food.

21)   Nothing is more difficult than the art of

22)   Those who do not use local guides are
    unable to obtain the advantages of the

23)   Now war is based on deception. Move when
    it is advantageous and create changes in
    the situation by dispersal and concentration of

                                Overview           4

24)   The ultimate in disposing one's troops is to
    be without ascertainable shape.

25)   Go into emptiness, strike voids, bypass what he                    
         defends, hit him where he does not expect you.

26)   Therefore, against those skilled in attack, an
    enemy does not know where to defend; against
    experts in defense, the enemy does not know
    where to attack.

27)   When he prepares everywhere he will be weak

28)   In war numbers alone confer no advantage.
    Do not advance relying on sheer military

29)   Determine the enemy's plans and you will
    know which strategy will be successful and
    which will not.

30)   Thus, one able to gain victory by modifying his
    tactics in accordance with the enemy situation
    may be said to be divine.    

   Chapter 2             Fundamentals          5

1)   War is a matter of vital importance to the people;
 the province of life or death; the road to survival
 or ruin. It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied.

2)   Weapons are tools of ill omen. War is a grave
 matter; one is apprehensive lest men and women
 embark upon it without due reflection.

3)   It is a doctrine of war never to presume the enemy
 will not attack but rather to rely on one's readiness
 to meet him.

4)   Therefore, appraise it in terms of the five
 fundamental in order to make one's self

5)   The first of these factors is moral influence;
 the second weather; the third, terrain; the forth,
 command; and the fifth, doctrine.

6)   By moral influence, I mean that which causes
 the people to be in harmony with their leaders
 so that they will accompany them in life and
 unto death without fear of mortal peril.