The Essential Precepts of



Edited and Arranged by

Rod  Alexander

Copyright 1994 by  Rod Alexander


A)     The Moral Imperative         i

1)     Overview                           1

2)     Fundamentals                   5

3)     Strategy                            9

4)     Dispositions                      14

5)     Ground                             19

6)     Maneuver                         24

7)     Weakness & Strength       30

8)     Command                         34

9)     Foreknowledge                 40

                The Moral Imperative

1)   The first and most important, of the five fundamental
factors for waging war is moral influence.

2)   By moral influence I mean that which causes
the people to be in harmony with their leaders,
so that they will accompany them in life and
unto death without fear of mortal peril.

3)   Now the valiant can fight, the cautious defend
and the wise counsel.  Thus, there is none whose
talent is wasted.

4)   Those who excel in war cultivate their own humanity
and justice and maintain their fundamental
laws and institutions.

5)   He whose ranks are united in purpose will be


Chapter1           Overview          1

1)   War is a matter of vital importance to the people;
the province of life or death, the road to survival
or ruin.  It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied.

2)   It is a doctrine of war not to assume the enemy will
not come, but rather to rely upon one's readiness  
to meet him; not to presume he will not attack but
rather  to make one's self invincible.

3)   Command is base on the qualities of wisdom
sincerity, humanity, courage and discipline.

4)   All warfare is based on deception.

5)   Nothing is better than to protract things and keep
your enemy at a distance.

6)   What is of the greatest importance in war is
extraordinary speed; one cannot afford to neglect

7)   With many calculations, one can win; with few, one
cannot win.

8)   Victory is the main object in war.